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by - January 15, 2019

Happy New Year! 

Let’s face it…it’s REALLY difficult to get back to the grind of work or school after taking time off for the holidays. But don’t you worry…We’ve got a few tips to help you jumpstart your new year for a fresh start into 2019:

1. Take down holiday decorations.
Taking down decorations helps to jumpstart your motivation and it also helps to declutters your mind. 

2. Winter cleaning.
As you remove your holiday decorations, take the time to purge your closet or garage. Donate gently used items to Goodwill or other charitable organizations.

3. Go Shopping.
Got gift cards? Take advantage of those after-Christmas sales and go shop until you drop…you get the point.

4. Start a new journal.
What better way to capture your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and perspectives then to start a journal? 

5. Organize your schedule.
Scheduling vacations, mini-trips, or family reunions. Register for workshops, or career seminars, or self-improvement classes.

6. Take up a new hobby.
Have you always wanted to learn something new or rekindle something you’re passionate about? Well, what are you waiting for. Go do it!

7. Reconnect with friends or family.
Reach out to family or friends you weren’t able to connect with over the holidays.

8. Watch a movie or show series; or read a new book.
Time to binge-watch your favorite show or hit the movie theaters. Curl up in bed with a new book and get lost in adventures, romance, drama or comedy.

9. Write and send Thank you cards.
A hand-written Thank You note goes a very long way in showing your sincere gratitude. 

10. Get back to the gym or restart your health and wellness program.
OK, you’ve had a few cheat days or weeks. That’s fine, but now it’s time to get back to your healthy eating habits and workout regimen.

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