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"What can I say? I loved being on the Annie Talks podcast! Annie is an absolute jewel to talk with. We connected right away on a deeper level than I have ever experienced In an interview. The experience was amazing and one I hope I can repeat. If you haven't subscribed to her show, you are really missing out!"

~Linda M. Clay, Business & Lifestyle Strategist

Annie Rivera is one of those rare diamonds who just doesn't talk about what she's going to do in life...she does it. If you need a little push to BE and DO what you want to BE and DO...listen to Annie's show. I think you will find a little bit more of your own courage if you do.

~Shawn Anderson, #1 ranked "Motivational" Author & Founder of "Extra Mile America"

I had a wonderful time chatting with Annie as a guest on her podcast. She truly cares about her guests' stories and asks insightful questions that bring your story to life for her listeners.

~Juliet Lemar, Founder of "Life Reflected"

Annie Talks Podcast is amazing! Her personality is so chilled but professional at the same time. She actually gives out good information for you to know and learn. Annie Talks Podcast Show is smooth and straight to the point. Great Show!!! Can’t wait to hear all of 2019 shows!! 

~Shanti Helena, Shanti Helena Show

It was great being a guest on Annie's show. I felt like she really learned my background and asked poignant questions. Throughout the entire interview, Annie listened intently and was emotionally involved in our conversation, which is quite an honor for a guest. Thank you for the opportunity to share our story and hopefully helping other families in the process.

~Roni Lambrecht, Author of "Parenting at Your Best" and "A Parent's Guide for Journaling to Their Child"

The Annie Talks show is great and no pressure. She asked the right questions and kept it interesting. I would do her show again in a minute!!!!!

~Emedin Rivera, Emmy Award-winning percussionist

It was a great interview. And, I was very grateful for the opportunity to speak with Annie. A great opportunity to share a part of my story. Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your show.

~Melody Trice, TV Talk Show Host of The Melody Trice Show

I had a great time on the Annie Talks podcast! Annie is a great host and the entire experience was fun and easy. I highly recommend joining her for a show!

~Eric Rosenthal, Writer, Founder of Personal Profitability

Annie is an Amazing talk show host! Extremely professional, organized, polished, knows how to handle people, gets everyone involved, and people just love her! She is technically advanced and a social media guru. She did my video which totally boosted my social media and website views. Thank you, Annie, very much! 

~Keahi Rozet, singer, songwriter, and musician

I loved being on Annie Talks! Annie did a phenomenal job learning my back story and asking the right questions. I enjoyed every minute of our conversation. 

~ Nick Kern, professional baseball player

So I just listened to my interview with Annie Rivera on her show Annie Talks for the 5th time!  I can honestly say, it is one of my favorite interviews I have ever done.  Annie's combination of professionalism, engagement, curiosity, openness, and humor is one of a kind.  I have shared my interview via several online platforms and the feedback has been amazing!  I highly recommend you listen to or watch all of Annie's shows!

~Jamarr Brown, Author, and keynote speaker

"Annie Rivera is a wonderful person to work with. She is creative, personable, engaging and brilliant. I really enjoy working with her on the creative designs for her branding."

~Jeanette Williamson, Williamson Design

"Annie Rivera is like a Huell Howser for the digital age. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by both so I speak from experience. She explores her diverse subject matter with the same amount of curiosity, joy, and enthusiasm that Huell did. Annie is well organized, an expert at getting her subjects in a comfortable position to open up, and above all for a journalist; what pertinent questions to ask! Annie makes you feel valued and important."

~Elliott Baribeault, Bollilo band

"What a joy being on Annie Talks!!! Very relaxed, great questions & it was like having a conversation with a great friend. All that was missing was coffee! I would do this again in a heartbeat!!! Thank you, Annie!"

                                               ~Dawn Martin, Zumba instructor

"I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed on the 'Annie Talks' show with host Annie Rivera. She's a great interviewer who's very professional and very well informed on topics and subjects she's covering on her guests. Can't thank her enough for the great job she did during the interview. Continued success to Annie and her show."

~Tui Suiaunoa, head coach of the Los Angeles Temptations of the Legends Football League

"It was a great pleasure to work with Annie and share my art on her channel. She is a true professional, from scheduling to equipment to the actual interview. She is driven to explore interesting stories of people building the cultural life of Southern California!" 

~Will Murray, Ph.D., mathematics professor at California State University, Long Beach, and professional juggler