Episode 66 - Annie Talks with Christine Gambito | aka ‘HappySlip’ | Filipino-American Comedian, Actress, YouTube Personality

by - February 25, 2019

Christine Gambito, also known by her screen name "HappySlip", is a Filipino American internet personality, actress, and comedian.  Her videos have been viewed over 100 million times across the web. She started performing comedy at a young age when her mom would request for her to do impressions of the family. Other cousins had to play piano. She had to stand up and do "imitation on demand". Unbeknownst to Christine, those were her early days of stand up comedy.

Loving to create stories and skits, Christine wrote, performed, and edited her one-woman show which started on YouTube in 2006 under "HappySlip". (Her mom used to remind her to wear a half slip under dresses and skirts. Pronouncing it as "hap eslip", Christine assumed the term was "happy slip" all through childhood until her friends in school asked if she had a sad slip as well.) She decided to use this as a screen name not only for the funny childhood memory but also based on the hope that people would "slip into happiness" when they watch her videos.

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