Episode 82 - Twitch: Annie Talks with @GloopDawg | Musicians, singer, filmmaker, Twitch Sings streamer

by - August 16, 2019

In this exclusive interview, Annie Talks with Twitch streamer @GloopDawg. We delve into his career in the real estate boom to his cover-band, "The Frank and Todd Show." 
In 2000 he relocated from Missouri to California, and in 2007 his dreams of becoming a filmmaker came true as he joined the Local 80 grip Union. He has worked on such films as Suicide Squad, Spiderman: Homecoming and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." He digs astronomy, philosophy, gaming, and wrestling. 
GloopDawg, who plays 12 musical instruments, together with fellow Twitch Sings streamer and duet partner, Holicaholic, recently won the Dare to Duet Gaunlet - Week 9, a singing competition hosted by @Felicity.
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